Inspiration from my inbox (from The Art of Changemaking)

Thanks to someone who is very special and inspirational to me, I got THIS in my inbox–which apparently was written by another special and inspiring person, whom I also regard as an idol and mentor.

‘Literalism is a dead end. Avoid a literal life.

Life isn’t just existing, trying to earn and survive. Live it with metaphor and poetry. Life is a challenge, an adventure, a story unfolding, an UNRAVELING of a new ‘you’ each moment. Enchant every aspect of your life with metaphor. Everything will come alive.

In short, live a poetic, artistic life.’

— from an ‘aha’ moment—

To the two of you, THANK YOU for being sources of creative inspiration in my life!

*Love and light*


Reposted from The Art of Changemaking


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