New Blog, New Mindset

Since today is the beginning of the Holy Week, a time of deep personal reflection and repentance for many people around the world, I have also decided to finally publish a blog that’s been in the making for over two years now. It was originally going to be the title of a book—and I am not discounting the possibility of that still happening in the near future—but I also figured that, with everything going on in my life right now, it’s as good a time as any to start sharing my thoughts on authenticity, abundance, and the many twists and turns in between.

I am by no means wealthy; I wouldn’t even call myself comfortable—yet. I live a modest life and have more-than-modest dreams, but I believe that what ultimately make me a “little rich girl” are the many people, opportunities, and experiences that have brought color, music, joy, and meaning to my life. I have written about some of them in old blog posts through the years, and you will encounter them again here as I try to consolidate all of those reflections under one virtual roof. There are people who have helped to define my life the way it is now, others who have loved me unconditionally and stuck with me through thick and thin, and still others who are new companions to this ongoing adventure but who are just as important as everyone else. Through the years, I also have been blessed with many tremendous opportunities to discover my gifts, explore the world, and make a difference in other people’s lives. These, I believe, are the true gifts of embracing Authenticity and Abundance.

However, just like anyone who wears too many hats and is always under threat of burning out, it has become quite easy for me to forget these simple joys and instead focus on what I still lack and what seem to be far out of reach. This blog is thus also a kind of “gratitude journal” and a collective affirmation for the blessings that are yet to come and the miracles that are just waiting to happen.

In welcoming you into my personal adventure, what I ask of you, dear reader, is this: please treat this blog as a personal sharing of insights and personal “truths”—not universal “rules” that one ought to follow and live by. We each have our own journeys; we each have our own paths to tread. My experiences and beliefs will certainly be different from yours, so if you find yourself disagreeing with what I write, please don’t take it against me, and please refrain from posting anything negative on this space. I will share everything that I can with an open spirit, and I invite you to do the same. Should our views be incongruent with each other, then let’s just agree to disagree.

More importantly, I ask that you open your mind, heart, and soul to the many gifts of Authenticity and Abundance that will come your way. They might come in totally plain and unmarked packages, but they can also come in big, banging ways. Whatever your adventure may be, may you always find the path that most resonates with who you really are, and may your journey bring you joy.

Abundantly yours,


Virtual dreamboard
This is a "virtual dreamboard" that I made almost two years ago. I have another one, made from actual cutting and pasting from magazines, and I encourage everyone to make their own dreamboard. How? Well tackle that in another post. 🙂

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  1. Bill Davis says:

    Great start, Nina… look forward to the future posts!

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