Household purging (and redecorating?)

Thanks to everything that I am doing and all the books, magazines, and various printed material that I am accumulating, my tiny home is under threat of book landslides. We’ve tried to make space for all our things through the years by storing vertically (thank goodness for high ceilings!) and giving stuff away, but it has reached a point where we’ve had to consider renting additional storage or looking for a new home–an option which is out of the question right now.

Thankfully, my mom was able to find an empty storage space next to hers at her condo, so this week will also be a purging of sorts for me as I get rid of A LOT MORE stuff. Books and magazines will be donated; clothes, shoes, and bags will be sold in a garage sale (the proceeds of which will go to my dear niece’s summer workshop fund); and anything that I haven’t so much as looked at in six months will be donated or sold to the “manong bote dyaryos” in our street.

I feel extremely good about it. It’s like flushing out blockages from your system to make way for positive energy, healing, and growth.

What I’m also excited about is the possibility of finally being able to embark on my little home improvement projects. Over the past couple of days, I’ve been greeted by links to some great ideas (some of which I’m posting here for a little inspiration). It’s making me feel even more and more that this week IS going to be a period of rebirth, and it’s going to start (quite literally) from the inside. 🙂

Wall decor inspiration (from Design*Sponge)

Design*Sponge's DIY best of wall decor
Design*Sponges DIY best of wall decor

 Home office inspiration for small spaces (from

A small but functional home office (Image from
A small but functional home office (Image from

A cozy space for books (from Apartment Therapy’s Small/Cool 2011 contest)

"Zach & Sean's Bright in Boston" from Apartment Therapy's Small/Cool 2011 contest
"Zach & Seans Bright in Boston" from Apartment Therapys Small/Cool 2011 contest

I’m just extremely grateful that, when I called out for space, the Universe soon replied. It’s making me believe, too, that the Universe loves to pay in kind 😛 Haha.


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