Paulo Coelho on Jesus Christ: Revolutionary and Rebel

Instead of today’s Daily Om, I shall be taking a Lenten reflection from my favorite author, Paulo Coelho:

Taken from Paulo Coelho's Blog
Taken from Paulo Coelhos Blog

Khalil Gibran had said that twenty centuries ago, men loved the weakness in Jesus and did not understand his power.

Jesus did not live as a coward and did not die complaining and suffering. He lived as a revolutionary and was crucified as a rebel.

“He was not a bird with broken wings, but a violent storm.”

“He was not a victim of his persecutors and had not suffered at the hands of his executioners – he was free before all.”

“He came to awaken a new and strong soul, which made every heart a temple, an altar, and every human being a priest.”

Looking carefully at his life, we see that, although he knew that his passion was inevitable, he tried to give us a sense of joy in every gesture.

He must have thought long and hard before deciding what his first miracle should be.

He must have considered the healing of a paralyzed man, the resurrection of the dead, the expulsion of a demon, something that his contemporaries would have considered as “noble”. After all, it would be the first time to show the world that he had come as the Son of God.

And it is written: his first miracle was turning water into wine – for a wedding party.

May the wisdom of this gesture inspire us, and be always present in our souls: the spiritual quest is compassion, enthusiasm and joy too.


Translated by Priya Sher


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  1. Leah says:

    Love this, Nines! and your insight on: “And it is written: his first miracle was turning water into wine – for a wedding party.”

    One of the motives behind His passion for the cross is to freed us & start celebrating the gift of life.

    Have a restful & reflective week, Nines! More celebrations to come!

    1. ninaterol says:

      Hi Lala!

      Thanks but this was actually taken verbatim from Paulo Coelho’s blog. I do like what said, though, about one of Christ’s motives “is to free us and start celebrating the gift of life.”

      Sacrifice is necessary at times, but celebration is essential because we have so much to be grateful for 🙂

      Have a blessed week, Lala! I’ll see you all next week!

      Palawan, here we come! 😀

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