Easter, Serendipity, and the Memory of Dreams

I woke up on Easter morning to the movie Serendipity (2001), one of my all-time favorite movies and the one that helped me along this path through the songs and messages in the film. While I do not believe that things have been pre-destined for us–I believe in free will and in our capacity to make good, intelligent choices–I also believe that there are many things beyond our control and a good many things that we still cannot explain but simply have to live with. Like Jonathan Trager, John Cusack’s character in the movie, I believe that life is not simply “a string of meaningless accidents or coincidences.” Everything has meaning because we are the ones who create it.

A blog post I had written in 2003, right at the “Big Bang” intersection of my life and the time when I kept watching this movie over and over again, talks about what I think of signs and why I think we ought to follow them. I keep going back to it time and again (not just because Paulo Coelho himself posted it on his blog (:)) but because, to me, it is an undying message and a constant reminder of why we should “listen to our heart… even when it’s treasonous.”

I believe that the Easter holiday is always the best time to excavate deeply buried aspirations and dust the cobwebs off of our dreams. It is in this period of relative peace, quiet, reflection, and silent phones (for me, at least) when nagging thoughts and questions resurface, begging for our attention and threatening to scream if we look the other way. There are also times when that elusive “Eureka” moment appears, followed by an embracing feeling of calm and deep knowing. Sometimes, this period brings with it joyful realizations; at times, painful decisions. Whatever they may be–if those actions are preceded by reflection, self-examination, and intuitive listening–they will always be liberating.

So it is also at this juncture when I look back at my own aspirations and ask myself, “Am I still on the right path?” For the most part, signs point to yes, and I am extremely grateful that things I had only dreamed about years ago are now a large part of my reality. Still, many things remain elusive, and I need to ask myself if they really matter at all or are just cluttering my mind space.  I also need to reconnect with the things that truly do matter to me and see how I can integrate them more fully into my life. And, yes, there still are some faraway dreams, and I need to discern if now is the time to start pursuing them more vigorously or to wake up to the fact that they no longer fit into my life.

It isn’t easy–nobody ever said that discernment was–but I will always be grateful for this time of the year when we are reminded of deaths and rebirths, this time when it is easy to believe that anything is possible–with a lot of faith.

Here’s hoping that YOUR Easter brings you exactly what you need.


P.S. Here is one of my favorite scenes from the film, with the song that best defined how I felt about the man who is now my husband. Also, go back to the airplane scene between John Cusack and Jeremy Piven–there’s a lot of pretty good messages in there, too.

P.P.S. This clip is NOT for kids!


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