Knowing thyself… in four slides


At the start of every Writer’s Block Philippines workshop, my partners Ana and Nikka, and I, usually make it a point to first introduce ourselves to our participants in a creative way. After all, we reason, they’ve paid good money to spend an entire day or two with us, and it’s best that they get an idea of our backgrounds and areas of expertise… to somehow assuage them that they’ve done the right thing by foregoing a weekend to be under our wing.

I sometimes find this exercise unnerving, as I feel when I am obliged–and quite regularly at that–to write that one-paragraph contributor’s introduction, or that one-page Editor’s Letter for my magazine, asianTraveler. I feel as if I’m being forced to reduce the rich, colorful, diverse, and multi-layered tapestry that my life is to just a flat piece of black text on white paper (or screen). It’s often easier for me to churn out a 500-word piece than to properly frame myself in that one short blurb.

In the case of this weekend’s workshop, I’ve decided to challenge myself a bit and modify my introduction to three slides with no words–only a collage of images that represent my journey to being who I am today. It made me think of the things, ideas, and events that have recently led me to this path; the ideas that resonate with me the most; the direction that I wish to pursue; and “the me” that I’m starting to get quite comfortable with.

I hope that, by sharing this with you, I’ll somehow inspire you to also think of YOUR handful of slides–for you and your life as it is NOW. 🙂

Nina Terol Zialcita dreamboard vision art creativity travel wellness order

PKN pitch Nina Terol-Zialcita (In a State of Flux)

Nina Terol-Zialcita self-intro travel writing connections

Nina Terol-Zialcita self-intro slide asianTraveler asian traveler magazine book author editor


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  1. myrna terol says:

    Looking at your slides, I can say you’re such an interesting person with so much passion for the art and travel.

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