Life in Between Plane Rides #1: Embracing Wanderlust

The folks at have kindly indulged my fantasy of writing a column, so I chose the title “Life in Between Plane Rides” to reflect my being in a constant state of flux and share the many revelations that come to me while I’m on the go.

I will always be grateful for these opportunities, and hope that people may find in my adventures (and misadventures) the inspiration to pursue their own.



Embracing Wanderlust (an excerpt)

View from the Clouds by Nina Terol-Zialcita

Different people have different reasons for packing their bags, getting on a plane, and setting off for distant lands. Some do it to take a quick break from their frenetic life and escape to sun, sea, surf… and shopping. Some do it for work, the trip necessitated by this client meeting or that conference. Others do it to survive. They pack part of their lives with them and leave the other half at home, risking social ties, emotions, and a bit of security for a larger paycheck that would allow them to support their families. Others do it for love, crossing continents and cultural boundaries to spend the rest of their lives with The One. Still others do it for the thrill of the chase, planning their sojourn months—years!—in advance then finally taking off for weeks on end, in search of colorful experiences and connections that will often lead them closer to themselves.

When I was younger, I saw traveling as a bothersome necessity, a requirement imposed by the fact that we were a family of airliners and that we had loads of free trips to use each year. I grew up in a single-parent household with my mom being gone for… maybe three-fourths of my childhood, and she compensated by taking us on these impromptu trips. Shopping in Hong Kong, zoo-going in Singapore, fun family time in Disneyland, our first limo ride in Hawaii—these travels weren’t too frequent, but they were memorable if only because it was time for everyone to be all in the same room. But since I was too young on many of those trips to fully appreciate what they entailed, I ended up just going with the flow, not expecting too much and not putting too much of myself into the experience.

As I got older, however, wanderlust crept in and there emerged a hunger—a deep yearning—to learn from the world outside of my beautifully shaped archipelago. The adventure started in 2006, when a short-lived partnership with a Singaporean firm saw me traveling out of the country on frequent, impromptu trips. I loved the feeling of connecting with and learning from colleagues from different parts of the world, and I resolved to keep traveling for work—to keep seeking out those intellectual and cultural connections that won’t necessarily come with flying on holiday.


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