Dreamboarding again

One thing I love about the house I grew up in is that I eventually inherited a room that had all the wall and closet space I needed for my “vision wall.” Not content with just a corkboard or an illustration board of inspiring images, I used the back of a huge divider closet to tack images and goals that were important to me. This vision wall served as the foundation for my journey toward authenticity, at around the same time that I graduated from university and went on to “the real world.”

Since that time, dreamboarding has become an important activity for me, usually done during moments of deep reflection (and/or confusion), or preceding major milestones, such as my marriage. Now that I’m going through dreamboarding phase again–in preparation for a journey toward a more creative. authentic, and balanced life–I’m putting up here my recent dreamboards, to serve as reminders for the life I ought to be living and the elements that I would like to take with me on this journey.

The dreamboard that I made in 2009, shortly before getting married. Thanks to Loes van Mierlo for that cosmic full moon dreamboarding session!
My dreamboard-2010
A digital dreamboard that I made in 2010, shortly after a grueling presidential campaign and before a return to travel, writing, and the arts
My dreamboard 03 (August 2011) copy
My latest dreamboard (August 2011). I'm obviously craving for a creative sanctuary of my own, and for a space where there is freedom, joy, and lots of love

Like I said, this is all part of a renewed creative journey, and my only wish is that I find the courage and the strength to stay on this path, so that I may reap its fruits and rewards–whatever form those may take.


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  1. Loes says:

    You’re a powerful dreamer, Nina! I remember that full moon dreamboarding afternoon as if it was yesterday, it was the first time we met. And so much has come true of both your 2009 and 2010 dreamboards that I have no doubt you’ll somehow get your creative sanctuary and all the other things you’re dreaming of.

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