A Monday-morning question for YOU

If you had enough money to never have to work again,

how would you spend your time?

(I have my answer ready; do share yours, then let’s talk here. :))


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  1. Krizelle Talladen says:

    Wow! First and foremost, I WILL THANK GOD! WOW! Hahaha!

    Second, I will shoulder ALL expenses for my mom’s medication until she’s free from all sickness, my sister’s tuition and fees until she’s done with college, and spend weekends, Christmas, summer, all free days going places with my family here in the country and outside.

    Third, write and write on my laptop/notebook, stay at home or go places for inspiration until I come up with the best write ups I could make.

    Fourth, help ALL those who need me. I may not be God but through me, I will be able to extend His love to others in the best way possible. 🙂 Of course, I don’t work anymore. My schedule ain’t tight! Wahahahaha!

    Fifth (if this would happen in the future), give all my time attending to my husband and my child/children. 😀 Be the best mother and wife. 😀

    1. ninaterol says:

      WOW! That’s a GREAT vision, Kring! Your answer’s more comprehensive than mine 😛 Hehehe.

      Thanks so much for sharing! Let’s keep the conversation going! 🙂

      1. Krizelle Talladen says:

        Thanks, Ms. Nina! 🙂 As a fresh grad and a starting career woman, I consider my plans and even my dreams as my guide. Being in this stage is like starting my life again. Hope I get to where I can best be.

        Share yours, Ms. Nina. I [We] want to know. 🙂

  2. I’d probably be stunned at first, and then spend it all away making everyone I love happy! Cliche, I know, but no better way to be happy myself than that! Plus, a few extra bucks to buy some new shoes for myself won’t hurt 😛 hehehe

    1. Krizelle Talladen says:

      Indeed, happiness is in making others happy first. 😀 Yeah yeah yeah! 😀

  3. Marga says:

    Provide for my family and people I care for, and live in relative isolation to reacquaint myself with writing and music. Spend the rest of my life looking at the world through a peephole, gain a thorough understanding of it and develop a heightened self-awareness.

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