Sometimes you need to be reminded…

… of a time when you felt free to dream, free to believe that anything is possible, and safe to be completely yourself.

Dreamboarding (ca. 2009), photo by Loes van Mierlo
Dreamboarding (ca. 2009), photo by Loes van Mierlo

Thanks to my friend Loes van Mierlo, who runs the website Sacred Discovery, I was brought back to the night when she and I had first met, at a “Full Moon Dreamboard Circle” that (serendipitously) brought together eight women from eight countries for a night of dreaming, sharing, and cosmic good vibes.

I was just about to get married then, and the horizon to me was full of love, color, and hope. The dreamboard below, which I had already posted in a previous blog entry, reflected my wishes for my forthcoming marriage and the life I was about to build with my husband.  I was excited about our forthcoming trip to Milan (to be part of the 2009 Homeless World Cup and also to get married), which would have been our first European trip together, and excited about building a home and a life filled with laughter, music, and art.

The dreamboard on my ceiling
The dreamboard on my ceiling

It’s also timely that I’m getting this exactly a month before our second wedding anniversary. Sometimes, especially when you’re feeling low and are starting to get anxious again, you need to be reminded of a time when everything was as it should be.

*Thanks, Loes. You made my day*


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  1. Carren says:

    Our dreams are ours for the making 🙂 Glad you have these reminders to keep your spirits up.

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