The first Globe Tatt Awards: Marking Greatness in Social Media

I got the surprise of my life one afternoon, when I received a phone call saying I was a finalist for this:

The first Globe Tatt Awards is Globe Tattoo’s way of “marking greatness in social media” and celebrating the many possibilities that can be made real through the power of friends, connections, compelling content, and great ideas. This year, 50 finalists are vying for 10 categories that traverse the many different facets of the social web. They are the following:

The Advocate

  • Beth Angsioco
  • Filipino Freethinkers
  • Save Philippine Seas
  • Niña Terol-Zialcita (yours truly), on behalf of Changemakers Philippines
Video Slinger
  • Christine Gambito (a.k.a. Happy Slip)
  • Fliptop Battles
  • Bekimon
  • Mikey Bustos
  • Ashley Rivera (a.k.a. Petra Mahalimuyak)
#Thought Mover
  • Lea Salonga
  • Bianca Gonzales
  • Tonyo Cruz
  • Save PH Seas
  • Vencer Crisostomo
Tech Junkie
  • Abe Olandres
  • Sonnie Santos
  • Carlo Ople
  • Jayvee Fernandez
  • Mark Macanas
  • Robbie Bautista
  • Christian San Jose
  • AJ Dimarucot
  • Jin Joson
  • Nina Sandejas
  • Juned Sonido
  • Von Bryan Cuerpo
  • Lori Baltazar
  • Gibbs Cadiz
  • Loi Reyes Landicho
Indie Rocker
  • JR Aquino
  • Up Dharma Down
  • Giniling Festival
  • Johnoy Danao
  • Paramita
  • Laureen Uy
  • Mich Dulce
  • Rajo Laurel
  • Divine Lee
  • Tricia Gosingtian
Ball Breaker
  • Lea Salonga
  • Noemi Lardizabal-Dado
  • Faith Salazar
  • Dean Jorge Bocobo
  • Carlos Celdran
And, the ultimate category… The One
  • Noemi Lardizabal-Dado
  • Abe Olandres
  • Filipino Freethinkers
  • Laureen Uy
  • Lori Baltazar
You can find out more about each nominee by clicking HERE and going through each category and each thumbnail, but, for now, I am pleased to present to you The Advocate category:
Globe Tatt Awards - Vote Changemakers Philippines for The Advocate category
Everyone here–Beth Angsioco (of the RH Bill advocacy and Adarna Food & Culture restaurant, among others), the folks at Blogwatch (for whom I have also written some months back), Filipino Freethinkers (who also share the RH advocacy), and Save Philippine Seas (by one of my favorite “protegés”, Anna Oposa)–are people and groups who I know and like, and with whom I am very happy and humbled to share this honor. It’s not every day that you get to be recognized for something that comes naturally to you, and not every day that you get placed in the same category as some of the biggest movers and shakers not only in social media, but also in the news and issues that shape our everyday lives.

What happens now?

Beginning today (as of 12 MN to be exact), anyone can log on to the Tatt Awards website and cast their vote for their favorite Tatt Awards finalist.

According to the Tatt Awards website:

Voting will be open to anyone in social media space, but a Facebook account is required as votes can only be entered upon logging into the Tatt Awards portal via their Facebook account.

After the Judging period, the Online Popularity score (20%) and Tatt Council score (70%) of the shortlisted nominees will be added. The nominees with the highest scores will be the 5 finalists who will be publicly announced on the first week of August. Finalists will be personally notified via his social media site/s (maybe Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or blog site). From there, they will be invited to a special gathering with all other finalists to formally announce their inclusion in the top five. The finalists shall submit documents as requested by Tattoo.

The remaining 10% of the total score of the 5 finalists will be determined by public voting. The finalist with the highest number of votes will get the highest score.The voting will be open to everyone. To vote, a person must log in to the Tatt Awards portal via their Facebook account. Voting period is from August 10, 12:00am to August 24, 11:59pm. [Boldface mine]

Winners will be declared during the Awards Night, on August 26/27, 2011. (August 27 according to the website, but the 26th, according to one of the hosts of tonight’s event.)

Why should you vote for Changemakers Philippines?

In as much as I’d like to take credit for being here on this list, I have to admit that I am only here because of the larger ideas that I represent and the countless names and faces who have inspired me and encouraged me along this path. While my recent exploits have found me traveling and writing more, one of my first loves will always be changemaking, and it is my goal to connect Filipino changemakers from all walks of life and all parts of the world, to use social media for social good.

So when you cast a vote for my thumbnail, you’re actually casting a vote for the larger idea behind Changemakers Philippines , and for the possibility that more Filipino changemakers can be empowered through our work. You’ll be casting a vote for other advocates of other causes, and you’ll be helping connect people, resources, and networks to ideas that help create solutions to many of our social ills. Sounds highfalutin? Maybe, but it’s doable. And if we win the prize money (and in-kind goodies), we’ll be sure to use that toward this advocacy of empowering social entrepreneurs and changing the Philippines, one changemaking, game-changing idea at a time. 🙂

P.S. To those who have also asked me about my dream after sharing theirs, the answer is this: Changemakers Philippines. 😉


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