Sometimes you need whatever

There are days when you feel so awful that the little things can set you off and make you question the big things.

I’ve been having some of those days–even after the great music of the weekend, even memories of La Rochelle photos and the sunflowers, even after feeling totally stoked about the Tatt Awards nomination. It happens, and sometimes it happens when you least expect it.

Fortunately, I’m finally able to drag myself out of it, thanks to a series of little “whatevers” that have made my day.

There’s that impromptu car ride with one of my mentors and idols (although I’m sure she wouldn’t like me using that term) and a good conversation about art.

There’s that great interview and meeting with another of my idols, whose openness, generosity, and spirit just leave me in awe. And she gave me a cool book!

That book happened to be The Filipino Heroes League by Paolo Fabregas! It was an autographed copy, and I even got to meet Paolo! That was waaaay cool. 🙂

The Filipino Heroes League by Paolo Fabregas
The Filipino Heroes League by Paolo Fabregas

Check out the book’s back cover blurb:

Undermanned and under-funded, The Filipino Heroes League does what it can to fight against injustice.

It’s tough being a superhero but it’s even tougher being a Third-World superhero.

Hahaha. I could sooo relate. Right down to the superhero riding a pedicab.

The Filipino Heroes League - Pedicab
These Pinoy superheroes sometimes have no choice but to drive pedicabs!

Then there was a Thai massage that I got thanks to a gift card at The Spa. It was painful, but sorely needed (pun intended).

Then there was the latest issue of TIME, “The Decline and Fall of Europe (and Maybe the West)”, which I am thoroughly enjoying. It even has this article about Arab art, which I felt tied in quite nicely with my recent piece on Islam.

TIME Magazine (August 22, 2011) - The Decline and Fall of Europe (and Maybe the West)
TIME Magazine (August 22, 2011)

Then there was tonight’s impromptu gathering, with lots of great conversation about social enterprises, technology, fiction, and THIS:

Bear Hug Vodka Infusion Espresso

Tequila Rose

It definitely got me me thinking about writing more fiction and poetry. And THAT thought, of course, was enough to awaken a bit of hope and inspiration again.

In the midst of all the big, heavy issues of the day, sometimes it’s the little whatevers that bring back a touch of sanity.


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