I’m going to be in a fashion show! No–seriously!

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I got invited to be part of a fashion show.

Me. Over 30 pounds heavier than my ideal. Up onstage in a fashion show. (And fresh from the heels of the Tatt Awards nomination!)

I never heard the end of it (in a good way) from my husband, who couldn’t stop teasing me about it.

“See? You say you’re fat, you’re feeling low, yet the Universe gives you THIS,” he would say.

It’s a totally different kind of affirmation.

Of course, as with everything else that I involve myself in, the event doesn’t exist for frivolity’s sake, but it actually has a message that resonates with me.

I am not yet at liberty to discuss the details of the campaign, but here’s a clue:

Now is our time

If you’re working in media or are a lifestyle blogger and want to get in the guest list, message me SOON so I can try to include you in the guest list. The fashion show runs TONIGHT, September 1, 7PM, at Whitespace in Chino Roces/Pasong Tamo Extension, Makati City.

In the meantime, WISH ME LUCK! I have a knack for tripping all over the place, and I hope that doesn’t happen tonight!



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