The Universe has a crazy sense of humor

It really does.

One day, you get a series of emails that tells you, You just might be living, breathing, and learning in the city of your dreams in a few weeks.

After that, you hear silence from the virtual air waves, telling you that maybe–for now, at least–you should let that dream go.

Then, on another day, something totally unexpected comes your way, telling you that you are needed and wanted elsewhere.

The day after that, you are reminded of why you chose to be here, right where you are, in the first place.

On that same day, you win your first-ever raffle and take home a 24-inch LCD flat screen TV.

The very next day–by way of some cruel cosmic joke–your power goes out, you phone acts up, and your computer crashes to the floor.

And you are left with more questions than answers, with your dreams still somewhat intact, but with absolutely no idea what the Universe is trying to tell you.

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  1. Cruel Mercury retrograde we got here, Nines. It has been vicious to me the past couple of weeks too

  2. catwoman says:

    hang in there, nines. all this is just white noise. the answer is in the calm that follows. as the story of Elijah goes, God was not in the wind nor in the fire, but in the peace that comes after all the elements show off.

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