Questions to ask when the going gets rough

Today must have been one of the toughest days of my entire adult life. The specifics are too embarrassing to mention in public, but suffice it to say that I’ve never seen “rock-bottom” until today. Not this past couple of weeks, not these past few months–although they have been incredibly challenging for me, too–but TODAY. Everything that could have gone majorly wrong, did. All in the space of less than 24 hours.

In the midst of all that were two bright spots, each coming from opposite sides of a rather large spectrum. They each had something important to tell me; they each needed something from me; and they each needed ME. It felt good to be needed and wanted in the way that these two forces did, and it certainly made today’s mishaps more bearable.

But still: two sides, two poles, two roads, but just one of me, and only one path to take. And a major decision to make when I find myself utterly vulnerable and almost incapable of making a logical decision. (It really is almost impossible to think about the long-term when your short-term is threatening to blow itself up.)

Then, in a moment of silence and deep reflection, my Higher Self sent me these questions:

  • If your life were to end–say–next week, how would you choose to live THIS week?
  • How would you like your life to be defined? What actions will help you define your life in that way?
  • What legacy do you REALLY want to leave behind? How would you like others to remember you?
  • How would you measure your life? How are you doing so far?
  • And, more importantly: If you had to have both passion and profit in your life, how would you achieve and balance both?

    Tough questions made even more difficult by a seriously challenging predicament, and I have only a few days to answer them.

    I really hope no one else has to be in these shoes, but if you find yourself in that ugly place, too, I’m hoping these questions will help.

    *Hugs from me, because I need them back*

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    5 Comments Add yours

    1. catwoman says:

      hugs, sweetie!

    2. Carren Jao says:

      Hey, everything will look up again!

    3. carissa says:

      hugs, nines! let’s talk and meet and chat and catch up!

    4. Charo says:

      Just here Nines…

    5. ninaterol says:

      Thanks so much, dears! Your messages mean a lot 🙂 *Hugs!*

      Caris, when do we meet up! I’m looking forward to coffee (or wine, or chocolate!) with you 🙂

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