What words do you use to define your days?

After reading a post written by my friend Shirley, who had said that her word for the year would be “inspiration,” I thought about the words that I would use to define and guide my days. Words are powerful things, after all, and I’ve discovered that simply focusing our attention on just one or two keywords a day can help bring greater mental focus and clarity as we go about our days. It also helps bring in the energy and the meaning of the word itself, making it more possible to manifest whatever reality we’re trying to create.

For instance, two days ago I said that my word of the day would be “joy”. This coincided with an overnight stay in a beautiful boutique hotel in the heart of the metro, where my “writing sisters” and I worked, talked shop, and–at the end of the day–had a delightful and colorful array of delectable pastry-and-cocktail pairings. The last cocktail to arrive in front of me was colored pink and had a butterfly-shaped syrup topping, and that to me summed it all up. It was joy in a drink, and I was having a lot of fun.

Yesterday, my word of the day was “possibility”. We were going to have a dreamboarding session, and aside from that I also wanted to be open to whatever other possibilities could be in store for me. A phone call I received that morning cemented the idea for me, and now I can see that when people want something badly enough, anything can be absolutely possible.

Today, my word of the day will be “honesty”. I have to be clear and honest about my motivations, and I first need to be honest with myself. I also need to engage some key people in my life in some honest discussions, and by focusing on this word I know that I will not go wrong.

Anyone who has been stung, moved, inspired, hurt, or healed by words can attest to their power. Maybe it’s time that we start using them more consciously in order to build and design the lives that we want–day by day, word by word.

How about you? How do words affect you, and what words would you choose for your days? Let’s talk. 🙂

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