Discovery Monday #2: Where’s your sweet spot?

Remember Discovery Mondays? 🙂

Here’s our second one for the year: Where is your sweet spot?

A sweet spot–in our context, at least–is that ultimate area of comfort in your home or favorite place. It’s a sanctuary, a safe haven, a place where you feel absolutely comfortable to be yourself… and to let your hair down and live and dream a little.

As we start a new week, ask yourself where your sweet spot is and what about it makes it so. If it’s an area outside your house, reflect on what you can do to bring your sweet spot into your home. If it already is in your home, think about what your sweet spot does for you and see how you can replicate that feeling of authenticity and abundance to other areas where you frequent (such as your school or office desk). How can you replicate your sweet spot to other areas of your life?

Have a great week ahead! 🙂

P.S. Slots are still open to our Dreamboarding workshop tomorrow! Need more info? Read this post on “The power of cut-and-paste: How a dream board can be more effective than New Year’s resolutions” and reserve your slot through I hope to get to meet you soon!


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