What are your nighttime dreams telling you?

I just woke up from a dream where I had left a dear friend’s stove burning while we stepped out of her house for hours. And, in the dream, it happened not just once, but twice. Of course, she was very upset and was berating me for having too many things going on in my head and for not focusing on the tasks at hand, and I kept apologizing profusely and saying that I was going to de-clutter my brain and learn how to focus. I kept on saying that I was going to make up for it but deep inside knew that it wouldn’t be easy to make up for screwing up that badly.

WOW. That was a very powerful–and timely message from myself and my subconscious. Until now, as I sit awake and try to process what had just gone on in my head, I can still smell the gas that was permeating through the house, and I can still feel that awful sinking feeling when I realized that I could have endangered someone’s life not just once, but twice. There were other elements in the dream that I remember as vividly as if they were memories and not just images in my brain, and I can still feel the pain in my arm coming from a segment of the dream where I had gashed myself accidentally with hard plastic cut-outs.

It’s an awful feeling to wake up to, but I’m grateful for it. Grateful that my subconscious is sounding the warning bells to remind me of the changes I need to do in order to achieve all my personal and professional goals. Grateful that the messages had come in vividly enough for me to recognize what they mean. Grateful that my Higher Self is reminding me–and berating me, yes–to de-clutter and simplify my life in order to tackle the year ahead. And grateful, most of all, that it didn’t really happen, and that–if I heed the warnings–I just might prevent it from ever happening.

I’m sharing this here now because some of you might be having similar instances of vivid dreaming and might be wondering what they mean. Or you might also be ignoring them. I would always tell friends and family members who talk to me about their nighttime dreams to pay attention to what the symbols, characters, dialogues, places, and events are telling them. Very often, our dreams hold clues about issues that we’re ignoring or brushing aside, or they might have answers to some of our daytime questions. I’m not an expert in these things and have just intuitively deciphered a lot of my dreams–some accurately, others completely off the mark–but I do believe that it always helps to pay attention to certain messages, especially when they start revealing a pattern, or when they are too powerful to be ignored.

It also helps to keep a dream journal, or at least to jot down key images and messages from those dreams and see what they are saying about your waking life. In my dream, for instance, I know the message is that I need to streamline my life, let go of a lot of “to-do’s” that are just cluttering my brain, and focus on some of the big tasks that have been entrusted to me so that I don’t start any fires (whether real or metaphorical). I also know that this message is valid because I had just come from a planning session that had outlined my responsibilities for the next 18 months, and they are quite daunting.

How about you? Have your own dreams been sending you important messages from your Higher Self? Do take note of them, and in one of my next few posts I’ll try to tackle dream interpretation and will look for credible sources on the matter.

In the meantime, wish me luck! I have a lot of de-cluttering and simplifying to do.

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