Discovery Monday #3: Your body, yourself

Today’s Discovery Monday comes in a bit late on account of my being sick (with fever, migraine, and sore throat) and of having had to nap in and out while working. Getting sick always reminds me of the inextricable link between our bodies and our selves, and of how ailments are also telltale signs of what could be going on deeper within. (More on this soon.)

So for today’s question, I’d like to ask: What do your most frequent ailments tell you about you, your lifestyle, issues that you might have bottled up inside and are now seeking release, or changes that you need to make?

Dr. Deepak Chopra and other mind-body experts spell “disease” as “dis-ease”, pointing out that illness is often a result of other imbalances within us that manifest themselves through our bodies. When our spirit is low or when we are undergoing periods of emotional turmoil, our bodies also act up, spewing up all sorts of illnesses that come with the lower resistance of the system. Those who deal with chakra healing also say that our illnesses are often imbalances that fall within the chakras where the pain is located, giving us more clues about the issues that need to be resolved.

In my case, it is quite clear: a splitting headache and a nasty sore throat that is making it difficult for me to speak. These pertain to the forehead and crown chakras–the 6th and 7th chakras, which deal with visualization, one’s “third eye”, and spirituality–and the throat chakra, which deals with communication and creative expression. Lately I’ve been thinking too much about the way things are versus the way I see things in my head, the vision clashing with the reality. And I’ve refused to talk about them for fear of the repercussions. My head and my throat are crying out for release, so maybe it’s time that these are finally addressed.

And you–what does your body really say about you?


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