The best birthday greeting I received this year

It was overwhelming to see hundreds of Facebook greetings and Twitter messages on my birthday–some from old friends, many from names I only recognize online, and a handful from people I don’t even know at all. One lady who seemed very foreign to the Philippines even posted an early greeting on my Facebook wall. I don’t remember in what capacity we’ve interacted in the past, so it was very touching to see her take a sliver of time out of what must have been a busy day to greet someone she barely knew.

Moments like that make you feel grateful, important, and loved. It doesn’t matter that Facebook now practically makes it automatic to know a person’s birthday; extending kindness and warm words still doesn’t come as automatic to many people, so I am very, very grateful to and for the ones who made my day. (This includes you, especially if you’re one of those who regularly read Little Rich Girl.

But the hands-down-best greeting I received this year came from a mentor who I fondly call “Obi-wan.” He’s very mature in years, very wise in outlook, very dignified in speech. And what he said made me speechless and utterly humbled:

“The analytic power to choose the grain from chaff, the intuitive power of inspired choices, the virtuoso & creative ability to communicate in words, graphics and art are the attributes I pray you continue to attain and develop on this day, your birthday and prayerfully a whole lot more in the decades to come.

Beautiful, powerful, inspiring words from someone I want to learn more from. His message showed me even more how much energy words can and do carry with them, and he showed me what saying the right thing at the right time can do for a person.

When your birthday comes, I hope you’ll get a message just like this, one that’s just right for you.

Thank you.

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Wes Fox says:

    Hello Little Rich Girl!

    I want to know about art and the arts scene in the Philippines, particularly in Bohol. Can you tell me where to look?

    Thank you.

    Wes Fox

    1. ninaterol says:

      Hello, Wes. Let me get some concrete contacts then I’ll get back to you. Thanks for posting your question here!

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