Oops. How green are you, really?

I saw this cool infographic/mind map posted on my Facebook wall. It’s a really pretty and clear way of showing what we can concretely do to help lower our respective carbon footprints, help address global warming and climate change, and save the only home we have in this Universe!

A cool, earth-friendly infographic from a Facebook page called "Earthian"
A cool, earth-friendly infographic from a Facebook page called "Earthian" (Click on the link to visit their page)

Unfortunately, it also gave me a reality check about how earth-unfriendly some of my practices are. (Uh, airplane trips galore?) 😦 I’m sharing it here so you can grab it and share it with others as well, then let’s use this graphic to track our own practices and see what we can regularly (and “sustainably”) check off our lists. 🙂


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