I miss writing for you guys

It’s been a few days since I last blogged, and in blogging terms that’s a pretty long time 🙂

But since I last wrote here, I…

  • Had witnessed my husband perform for the opening of Philippine Arts Month, as one of the representatives of Music
  • Received the New York book I blogged about a week ago and am now happily sinking my teeth into stress-busting fiction
  • Been appointed to a dream-job-in-progress
  • Been invited to really cool meetings, media guestings, and events of all sorts
  • Attended a forum that dares to see a new vision for mobility in Metro Manila (and to those of you who’ve lived or been here, you know how much mobility, transport, and walkability/livability are major challenges in this part of the world)
  • Had a really good meeting with some young officers of the Philippine Navy, which opened my eyes to the possibility of civilian-military collaboration that could really spell hope for this country
  • Have been receiving really cool correspondence showing that, when you are truly passionate about something and work hard to make your mark in a particular field, the happy surprises and the rewards will just naturally follow

Oh, I’ve also been having a sh**ty time with technology and have been experiencing Murphy’s Law manifested in different forms, but I still have a lot for which to be grateful. I hope that you have blessings to count for this week as well.

In the meantime, let me leave you with one of my favorite fountain photographs, which I took right here in Manila, just a short drive/a few train stops away from my home.

The "dancing fountain" at Rizal Park, Manila, Philippines | Photo by NTZ
The "dancing fountain" at Rizal Park, Manila, Philippines | Photo by NTZ

Here’s to a great soon-to-come weekend for all of us! I look forward to writing a more proper blog post as soon as I can. 🙂

~ N


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