An unusual pre-Valentine’s Day date in Southern Metro Manila

What I love about being married to a musician is having access to great events, great concepts, and great people.

I love it even more if the events are tailor-fit to our interests and promise to be events where we’ll have a great deal of fun.

Take this, for instance. (See poster below.) It’s as exotic and as interesting as it can get for us.

Love Art with Bobby Balingit and Planeta ng Ngiti, featuring Paul Zialcita

And when I caught my husband on the phone with the organizers past midnight last night, making negotiations about the arrangement they were offering him, I heard him say this: “My bottomline is that I want a proper Valentine’s Day dinner with my wife.”

I was so kilig (thrilled) to hear this. Not all guys take Valentine’s Day seriously, and not very many guys are armed with the creative opportunities that my husband is because of what he does. I’m just very, very grateful to have this delightful mix of elements in my life–and whether you’re happily single or happily taken, I wish you your own mix of love, just the way you like it.

P.S. And if you happen to be in this area and are looking for a different kind of Valentine’s Day trip, come and join us!


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