A Decorating Junkie’s Blogroll (thanks to Bong Rojales of Heima!)

I’ve started a personal project to “reclaim myself”, and a major part of this is to reclaim my space in my own home. After all, this is where I spend around two-thirds of my day (sometimes more, sometimes a lot less), and how I live in it drastically affects how I work and relate with everything else.

So, to get started on what I’m calling “Project Z Pad”, I posted a Twitter shoutout asking about home design blogs and websites to check out.

Not long after, my Twitter buddy Bong Rojales (@sparklemind) of the absolutely delightful interior boutique and firm Heima posted this list of blogs and websites to check out:

Design Sponge

  • DesignLoveFest (@designlovefest on Twitter): “Where type & images totally make out” –> I’m in love already!
  • Eat Read Love by Natalie Hayllar (@eatreadlover on Twitter): “A boutique lifestyle blog, an expression of [Natalie’s] obsession with beautiful restaurants,  food styling and interiors”
  • Oh Joy! (@ohjoystudio on Twitter): “Covers inspiration & design with a focus on Joy’s favorite things: design, fashion, and food”
  • PoppyTalk (@poppytalk on Twitter): “A Canadian design blog dedicated to supporting the beautiful, the decayed and the handmade”

Bong says about them, “Most of these bloggers talk to each other, share some similar inspirations/styles and [are] not just [about] home design.”

While browsing some of these blogs’ own blogrolls and Twitter feeds, I came across two more websites worth checking out:

  • The Inspired Room (@theinspiredroom on Twitter): Creator Melissa Michaels calls herself “NOT a DIY Diva.” She says, “I love to share about my own home and things that inspire me about doable interior design, homemaking and authentic living… I’m DIY challenged and always on a budget, so if I can figure out a way to do decorate my home without a lot of time, stress or money, I’m all for that.” 
  • Sweet Paul (@sweetpaul on Twitter): “Chasing the sweet things in life”

I’m obviously biased about the last entry here, but I was really amused to find it. (And I do believe this about my own Paul. :)) Check out the digital magazine version of Sweet Paul, with some spreads shown below:


Sweet Paul magazineL June 2012 issue

Obviously, we’re just getting started. I’m looking forward to more finds and more progress in the coming weeks!


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