Thank-You Letter to the Universe

Dear Universe,

One of the best feelings in the world is to wake up overflowing with gratitude—to feel that everything is where and how it should be—and I have you to thank for that. You have showered me with abundant blessings, all of which have been manifesting themselves in recent weeks, and I can only bow my head with humble thanks and pray that I continue to prove myself worthy of these gifts.

I’d like to thank you, first and foremost, for my family, which has always been my source of strength and support. Thank you for giving us the gifts of forgiveness and grace, which have allowed us to overcome some of the biggest trials of our lives. Thank you for endowing us all with gifts that allow us to complement each other’s strengths, and thank you for allowing us all to be there for each other when we need it. Thank you, most importantly, for keeping them healthy and safe from harm.

Thank you, too, for surrounding me with amazing and inspiring individuals who color my everyday life. In a world that can be so morally corrupt, I feel blessed to be working with people who show integrity in every aspect of their work and their lives. Thank you for my bosses, who continue to inspire me and fuel my desire to serve my country. Thank you for my writing sisters, who have enabled me to fully stretch my wings and see how far I can take my dreams. Thank you for my partners and collaborators and everyone who has trusted me enough to work with them. They have allowed me to discover more gifts, and to use what I know to help, enable, and inspire others.

I truly, truly love the work that you have been giving me the opportunity to do throughout all these years, and I thank you for every minute—every second—that you have given me to use of all of my gifts to the fullest.

Thank you, too, for granting me the ability to design my life around the things that matter to me. Thank you for the days when I could work from the comfort of home and be there for my husband and my family. Thank you for giving me the physical strength to carry all my heavy bags and hop from one location to another. I know not everyone is as mobile as I am, and I am truly grateful for that. Thank you for surrounding my life with words, with music, with art. That, to me, is the fullest expression of both our humanity and our divinity, and I am grateful for every day that art, beauty, and spirit manifest themselves in my life.

Thank you for allowing me to experience the beauty and the goodness of life through the work of others around me. I only wish that more people could open their eyes to the beauty and goodness surrounding their own lives as well.

And this, I truly must say: thank you for heeding my prayers for financial wellness, and thank you for allowing me to get back on my feet after everything that I had gone through last year. Thank you for allowing me to finally afford the gear that allows me to maximize my time and skills, and thank you for giving me the ability to take care of my family and my loved ones. You know how important it is for me to be there for them, and I pray for greater abundance that will allow me to secure the futures of those that I love, as well as my own.

Above all these material things, thank you for filling my life with inspiration, with grace, with hope, and with love. You have shown me all kinds of rainbows amid all kinds of thunderstorms, and you have shown me the miracles that are possible when we believe. Thank you for never allowing my well of faith to dry up, and thank you for giving me strength just when I am about to give up. You have been my constant companion throughout this journey, and you have always given me the extra push that I needed just when I needed it, and in the manner that it had to be given.

Indeed, I am blessed. You always find ways to remind me of that, and I am truly, truly grateful.

I wish to end this letter of thanks with a prayer: that you continue to fill my life with inspiration so that I can pour it back out to others. At the end of the day, I know that I am just a channel and a vessel; everything that I have is there to be shared so that others may experience their own versions of inspiration, authenticity, and abundance. My only hope is that I be given more days and more ways to do the work that you have entrusted me to do, and that I leave only after my mission shall have been completed.

From the depths of my own inner universe, thank you.

Nina scribble



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