Thought of the Day: On frustration

“Whatever you’re doing today, whatever’s frustrating you, stop for a few minutes and think about your situation. There’s a clue embedded in the heart of your frustration that can lead you to the next step. In our role as archaeologists of ourselves, every clue counts, and in the spiritual world, nothing is for drill and no experience is wasted. There’s one clue given to each of us every day that will lead us to Something More.”

~ Sarah Ban Breathnach, Something More (Warner Books, 1998)


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  1. Harveen says:

    Thankyou Nina…. I was looking fwd to Tuesday frustration help … After embarking on word of the week with u this Monday.

  2. kriztalladen says:

    Reblogged this on Turtle Keziah and commented:
    Every little thing that happens in our life has a reason, a purpose, a clue on what will happen next. So be thankful, be positive, and SMILE! 😀

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