To former strangers and now kindred spirits, this blog is for you

My soul searching experience this weekend, coupled with the reposting of my blog entry in Mr. Paulo Coelho’s blog and the many encouraging comments I’ve received from strangers from different parts of the globe, has led me to a realization about why I write and what I would like to write more about.

Although I now mainly write for a living, and I do so across many fronts–political, corporate, journalistic, lifestyle, poetic, and so on–I’ve realized that I have an authentic voice that I must continue to nurture lest I lose it. After all, it’s tempting to write in the voice that brings in the big bucks; what is challenging is to write in the voice that is truly, unapologetically mine. (Any other writers in the house? I’m sure you know how that feels like.)

And it’s thanks to YOU, dear blog reader, that I once more find strength and confidence in my own words, in my own voice. A writer’s life is never easy–there are times when one vacillates between self-pity and self-absorption–but what keeps me going are the generous words of inspiration and support that I get from YOU–wherever you are in the world, whatever your state in life. It makes me believe that people like us can truly be connected beyond race, religion, politics, age, class, and even language. There’s a spirit and an energy that allow our thoughts and insights to resonate with each other as we tread our own paths toward authenticity and abundance. That is what I would like to explore more deeply. It’s that HUMAN CONNECTION, and the connection between our outer and our inner worlds, that inspires me to pour out my thoughts and words onto an otherwise cold and empty digital space.

Does that make sense? If it doesn’t yet, I hope it does soon. In the meantime, please accept my humblest and sincerest thanks for reading this blog. I do hope to continue writing more content that inspires and encourages you as it does me, and I look forward to interacting with you here more often.

May the Universe lead YOU to find your own voice, and may your own path lead you to your own version of authenticity and abundance.

Thank you.

~ Niña

Still in awe, always in awe ~ NTZ
Still in awe, always in awe ~ NTZ

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  1. kriztalladen says:

    You’re welcome, Ms. Nina. And thank you as well. 🙂

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