Little Rich Girl’s First-Ever Blog Giveaway!

To celebrate a lot of good vibes flowing around this blog, and to give those with dreams of making a living as a writer a friendly push, I’m introducing my first-ever blog giveaway:

How to Make Money from Writing:

The Little Rich Girl Blog Giveaway

How to Make Money from Writing: A half-day workshop by Writer's Block Philippines

How to Make Money from Writing is a half-day workshop that I’m running in Manila on November 24, together with my co-founders of Writer’s Block Philippines. We’ll be talking about what makes an artist a creative entrepreneur, how to create a “business plan” out of writing, and some other building blocks that YOU might find useful as you turn your passion for writing into a sustainable career.

(Read the full FAQs here to learn more about the workshop.)

If you think this workshop is for YOU, read the giveaway mechanics here:


  • Only those who will be in Manila on November 24, 2012 are eligible to join.
  • You must be at least college-age (16 years old and above) to attend the workshop.
  • You must have either a blog, a Twitter account, or a Facebook profile to join the giveaway.


  1. Compose a blog post or a Facebook note with a short creative essay  (of not more than 500 words, in English) answering ALL THREE questions in one cohesive composition:
    • Why do you love writing?
    • What do you think makes a successful creative entrepreneur?
    • How do you think YOU can make money out of writing?
  2. Post your entry online and:
  3. Make sure you complete your entry AND post by November 21, 2012 (Wednesday).
  4. Entries will be judged according to originality of thought, correctness of the overall composition (there’s a Grammar Nazi in the house!), and passion for the creative life.


ONE (1) superbly written entry will score for its writer TWO (2) seats to How to Make Money from Writing. That means YOU AND YOUR WRITING BUDDY get to attend the workshop together! (Isn’t that COOL??!)

The lucky writer will be notified by November 22, 2012.


Post your comment here or email <>

I’m so excited about sharing this with you–and also about taking Little Rich Girl a notch higher! Do share this with friends whom you think will be interested in the workshop, and do feel free to send me feedback like you’ve been doing all this time. 🙂

*Love and light*

~ Niña (a.k.a. Little Rich Girl)

P.S. In case you’re in Manila and would like to attend How to Make Money from Writing even without joining the contest, send an email to <> or secure your slot by paying via credit card or PayPal at <> (Check the right sidebar.) Questions about the workshop? Email


2 Comments Add yours

  1. kriztalladen says:

    Awww… Too bad I already paid! Haha! Anyway, I’ll see you on the 24th, Ms. Nina! 🙂

    1. ninaterol says:

      Oh my! Thanks, Kriz! 😀 Looking forward to seeing you next week! 🙂 Please do share this with your friends 🙂

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