And we’ve got a winner! :)

As we celebrate Thanksgiving, I’d like to thank all those who took the time and effort to join our first blog giveaway. Your passion for writing humbles me, and I am truly grateful to be somehow connected to talented and passionate individuals such as yourselves.

It was difficult to choose between entries, because I know and believe that everyone deserves a chance to fulfill their dreams of making a living as a writer. However, we do have rules to follow, so I’ve had to narrow down the options to just one.

Now, without further ado, is the winning entry:


by Manny Escosa

I love writing because I love romantic interludes. Writing is a romance between the writer and the reader, a process of losing one’s self again in the experience of the subject matter and finding new insights in gazing at the same experience with the fresh light of the written word. Writing turns the oft-told spoken tale into an immortal one that can be reviewed, remembered and re-invented in memory not just by the writer, but by the readers as well. And so the romance continues, for as long as we live, breathe, and reminisce…

An entrepreneur is a person who manages an undertaking with a lot of risk and initiative. Writing is certainly an undertaking that fits just that mold. The risk lies in laying yourself bare and allowing people to peer into your innermost thoughts, the private corners of the soul where we seldom invite other people. The initiative lies in taking that first bold step that is counter to all the voices that scream for self-preservation and privacy. One realizes all this, acknowledges the fragile fear, and writes anyway. The writer is driven by that need to be in the embrace of that continuous romance of losing and finding one’s self in the process of writing.

The love for this interlude needs to transcend the need for money by itself. Rather, it answers the basic question of why we need money in the first place. After all, money is simply the enabler that allows us access to experiences that should enrich our lives. Writing is such an art. It clarifies our thoughts, challenges our being and is a craft that brings satisfaction in becoming a true artisan. And this process of becoming a true craftsman comes about with a series of romantic interludes.

I love writing because I love romantic interludes…

* * *

To everyone else who joined our giveaway, again, keep on writing. You have what it takes to make your writing dreams come true, and I am sure that the opportunities that you hope for will present themselves to you at the right moment, under the right circumstances.

Again, THANK YOU, everyone, for your support! YOU inspire me every single day!

‘Till the next post–and the next giveaway!



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