If it scares you…

I found this really nice quote on my Pinterest feed, thanks to one of my favorite authors of all time, Seth Godin:

If it scares you, it might be a good thing to try - Seth Godin (via Pinterest)
Let’s connect on Pinterest! 🙂

It’s reminding me of something quite trivial that I have to do for the next few days, but which, in reality, is bringing out feelings of anxiety and dread.

I have to dance. In front of an audience. K-Pop.

This is not a joke.

I belong to an office where crazy people work. They’re damn hardworking, they’re awesome at what they do, they’re fun–and they’re crazy. For our last Christmas party as a team (before our principal’s term of office ends and we’re supposed to head our separate ways), some crazy folks decided that the theme should be K-Pop. The entire organization is subdivided into smaller teams, which then have to cook up a performance to vie for pretty good cash prizes.

Now, I belong to a super competitive (and creative) team. Two years ago, we were in second place for our theater-dance performance, which the judges said was technically superior to the rest but which didn’t have the audience impact (LMFAO kind of laughter from the crowd) that the champion team did. Last year, we produced a dance number AND a video–but the video didn’t play well during the night itself, crushing our hopes of winning first place. This year, we’re pulling out all stops to put together a great performance.

This is where the dread sets in: I’ve never been a good dancer.

Ask me to act, ask me to perform poetry, ask me to sing, ask me to rap, ask me to draw, ask me to paint, ask me to build a (WordPress) website, ask me to create a strategic communications plan, ask me to create a policy paper, ask me to create a speech, ask me to give a speech in front of thousands, ask me to produce a book in a month… but DO NOT ASK ME TO DANCE. Especially not K-Pop. (Sorry to the K-Pop fans out there; it’s just not my sort of thing.)

But my team has been very patient and encouraging, and the least I can do for them is to practice real hard, memorize the moves (which are by no means easy, I tell you), and make sure we perform really, really well. I cannot let us look awful on stage; I cannot let them down. =/

So there. Dance K-Pop I shall, and I have a week to practice and master all the moves.

This may sound trivial to some of you, but to me, it’s an exercise in changing my own mindset and exceeding my own boundaries.

If I can dance K-Pop well, heck, I can do anything well.


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  1. kriztalladen says:

    Go, Ms. Nina! Do the gangnam style! 😀

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