2012: Year-End Review (Part 1: Professional Highlights)

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Since this is the last workday of 2012, I’d like to take the opportunity to review the year that was and be grateful for all the professional blessings that have come my way. I’m sharing this here in hopes that you, too, would be encouraged to make your own year-end review and see how much YOU have accomplished and received this past year.

Of course, as with all years and all situations, with the blessings come the trials and the “experiences” (“Charge it to experience,” the saying goes.) May our year-end reviews also show us the parts of our professional lives that either need to be strengthened or discarded altogether. (“Emphasize strengths, don’t fix weaknesses,” writes Tim Ferriss in The 4-Hour Workweek.)


  • Worked on my 2012 dreamboard, focusing on financial stability and a happier home life
  • Received a very tempting job offer—my first for the year—and attempted to leave my current job. Resignation denied; new opportunities given
  • Participated in my first-ever art exhibit and featured my “doodled” self-portrait
  • Got an amazing opportunity to perform poetry with my husband for a high-profile corporate event–and a few days before our birthday, at that!
"Resistance through Sound & Thought": Our segment at Globe Tattoo's "Resist Mediocrity" launch (January 19, 2012)
“Resistance through Sound & Thought”: Our segment at Globe Tattoo’s “Resist Mediocrity” launch (January 19, 2012)


  • Was assigned a new and challenging role to lead a start-up organization. Many birth pains followed, coupled with the emergence of my first-ever instances of acne on the cheeks (this is relevant—somehow! It showed the stress levels I was under!)
  • Conducted my first-ever corporate Dreamboarding workshop with Writer’s Block Philippines 🙂
  • Had the terrific opportunity to speak in front of the Philippine Navy about “People Power 2.0” and the power of social media as a catalyst for greater public sector-private sector collaboration
  • Had another great opportunity—this time, work with the British Council to inspire young changemakers in Baguio City, in northern Philippines


“How a Singapore Girl flies” (Vault Magazine | Words by Niña Terol-Zialcita, photos by Pat Mateo, layout by Karl Castro)
  • Received a great assignment from Vault Magazine to travel to Singapore and write several stories on luxury and travel. Got a sneak peek inside the Singapore Airlines (SIA) Training Center and, for a moment, relived my mom’s days as a trainer of flight attendants
  • Traveled to Davao in southern Philippines—a beautiful, friendly place!—to “reimagine” Mindanao. Actually daydreamed of relocating my job and home there.


  • Had the opportunity to teach really cool writing workshops—on travel writing and a teen writing lab—with Writer’s Block Philippines
  • Got invited to be part of another (exciting!) start-up venture with an old friend; more visions of world domination through social media emerged 😛


  • Taught modules on art writing in partnership with the Yuchengco Museum
  • More summer workshops! More summer fun 🙂


  • Published my first-ever piece on Rappler.com, which turned out to cause quite a stir in the ballet world 😉
  • Saved up for and bought my MacBook Pro right on schedule! 😀


All Mac'ed up! My Macbook Pro and my iPad, taken using Instagram on my iPhone 4S
All Mac’ed up! My Macbook Pro and my iPad, taken using Instagram on my iPhone 4S
  • Got my iPhone 4S! Officially all-Mac’ed up!
  • Organized our first major corporate event, under Writer’s Block Philippines and in partnership with SexandSensibilities.com. Event was a hit! Client happy, audience happy, wallet happy 😀
  • Jam-packed month! Did more Dreamboarding sessions, performed poetry with my husband at an arts festival, wrote more stories for Rappler.com
  • Entertained another possible job offer with one of the biggest tech companies in the world. The questions emerged: Do I really want this? Or am I just enamored of the prestige and the awesome perks that come with working here?


  • Home and health needed a lot of attention; calibrated work goals in order to focus on personal and home goals


The Zs turn 3! Celebrating three years of married life at Sonya's Garden, Tagaytay City
The Zs turn 3! Celebrating three years of married life at Sonya’s Garden, Tagaytay City
  • CRAZY MONTH!!! Undertook a nerve-wracking project with the World Bank—in which we were assigned to edit, package, and print FOUR publications in just FOUR WEEKS!
  • At the same time, took an online class in “Listening to World Music” that was much harder and more time-consuming than it first seemed
  • Third wedding anniversary! Managed to book a getaway—but had to bring work along with me. =/
  • Learned a hard lesson in learning to say “no”: Listen to your intuition and say “no” right up front!
  • Conducted another Dreamboarding workshop! J (Can you tell that this is my favorite workshop so far?)
  • Had the awesome opportunity to be among the speakers at Mashable and Rappler.com’s Social Good Summit, in which I introduced the idea of the “Super Citizen”. (Read more in this Rappler report.)
  • Entertained yet another job prospect—my third for the year
  • Completed World Bank project with flying colors! 🙂


  • Another CRAZY month! (The beginning of another CRAZY period in my professional life!) Was given another work-intensive (but major brownie point) assignment that would define the next few months of my life
  • Got offered a dream job by my dream boss/mentor! Was thrown into a moral dilemma because of my commitment to my present assignment. Several sleepless nights ensued
  • Decided to follow my gut, honor my commitments, and stay =? Dream job offer was oh-so-politely turned down 😦
  • New job assignment came with a bit of a learning curve, but one that I was enjoying
  • Enjoyed the fruits of my labor and went on a brief holiday with my mom to her hometown, Cebu City. (Another fabulous place in the Philippines! Do check it out!)
After dinner with my mom at the Le Maison Rose, the Alliance Française in Cebu City
After dinner with my mom at the Le Maison Rose, the Alliance Française in Cebu City


Writer's Block Philippines at the Asian Publishing Convention in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!
Writer’s Block Philippines at the Asian Publishing Convention in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!
  • Can it get any crazier than this? Received the awesome opportunity to travel to Kuala Lumpur for the Asian Publishing Convention—Writer’s Block Philippines’ first time to be represented at this event. Dove into the happy problem of preparing for the convention under limited time 🙂
  • Conducted our workshop on How to Make Money from Writing. A lot of personal realizations emerged from preparing for this course
  • Lots of great lessons from my new work assignment. Great principal, great team, great collaborators. Glad I chose to stay 🙂


  • Got my fourth tempting job offer for the year—and confidently turned it down, now knowing what I’m worth and understanding that a job offer isn’t just about the compensation package. Lots of lessons emerged from this year of job offers
  • Major changes regarding my new work assignment—with lots of even more exciting prospects and learning opportunities! SUPER happy to be part of this team and this project 🙂
  • Ended the work year with a great production courtesy of my “Newsroom” team and realized even more how blessed I am to be working with a great team, under a great leader. Declared openly how much I love my boss—in a strictly professional sense, of course—but I do!  Realized that there is great abundance in that fact: after all, how many people in the world can declare that will all honesty?
  • Ending the financial year with a happy wallet, a happier bank account, and the happiest my family and home have ever been in a while. Abundance is everywhere; life is great; I am only humbled and grateful. 🙂
Going crazy at the company Christmas party photo booth :) I love my team! :)
Going crazy at the company Christmas party photo booth 🙂 I love my team! 🙂

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