An Easter morning reflection

As I write this, I am watching from a misty window as the sun take its proud place in the morning sky. The perfect, orange ball hovers over the sea which I am fortunate to view, and my only wish at this moment is to be able to open to window (or walk out from it) and take a clear, unobstructed view of what truly is morning glory.

The sunrise from my misty window in Penang
The sunrise from my misty window in Penang

It is Easter Sunday morning, and I am here at Penang, Malaysia. I am covering the Penang World Music Festival, but this trip to me is so much more than that. It comes at a time when I am in dire need of a big lift and a hefty dose of inspiration, right after all the possible stressors of life converged to give me a big blow and pull the rug from under my feet. It’s been weeks since I felt any semblance of peace, and this moment–right here, right now–feels like a gift. I am watching the sun over the sea from my hotel room; I am writing; I am at peace.

The fact that it is Easter makes me think about the many rebirths and “reboots” that I need in my life right now. I need to take better care of my health; I need to take better care of my heart (literally and figuratively); I need to take care of my space and home and create a real sanctuary for myself and the people I love. I need to be more energized at work, too, but I figured that taking care of health, heart, and home will take care of everything else.

I also need to immerse myself in new experiences–to live in the world again with fresh eyes and with all my senses sharpened. I need to go out into the world and once more feel a sense of adventure… I need to let serendipity take over and allow the Universe to surprise me.

* * *

By now the sun has turned golden. It is like a king standing mightily proud and watching over its kingdom, protecting everyone with its bright, healing rays. In many ways, it is like the Christ that rose from the dead, hovering above humanity and protecting and healing all of us with the miracle of resurrection. It’s been years since I thought of anything remotely Catholic, I admit, but today that thought feels just right.

As we go about the rest of our day today, may we all find greater purpose with every step, with every word, with every decision, with every action. May we pour greater intention and energy into the things that truly matter to us so that we can live more fully and experience the gifts of the Universe more completely. Perhaps, one of the gifts of Easter is that we are given the opportunity to reflect, kill the bad habits that need to be killed, and renew ourselves in order to live better, fuller lives. Perhaps, one of the gifts of Easter is time. The fact that we are still here today means that we have another opportunity to right the many wrongs of our lives and move forward with more peace and in a state of grace.

* * *

Yesterday's sunrise
Yesterday’s sunrise

By now, bright golden light has filled the horizon, and even the sea has turned into a shimmering, flowing blanket. I would like to end this reflection with a prayer for all of us:

May our eyes and senses be sharpened to the many wonders, gifts, and miracles of life. May our hearts be fuller and overflowing with love and joy, and may our hands be instruments of healing for ourselves and for others. May we all be channels of joy and inspiration, and may we radiate with the kind of light that we ourselves need during moments of darkness. May we be the vessels of the very same love and light that we need in our own lives, and may we pour out this love to everyone we meet. May our lives be shining examples of what it means to be reborn, to be given new chances, to have fresh starts.



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