Dear 2016 Me,

DEAR 2016 ME.jpg

We capped off an amazing 2015—what we call our “best adult year ever, so far”—filled with love, joy, confidence, clarity (at least a little bit more), and hope. We know that the year that had passed is really just a preview of what’s to come; we know that the best years of our life are still ahead of us.

As we enter another year and carry on this journey our most fervent hopes and dreams, here are some things that I would always, always like you to remember—no matter what happens to us this year:

You are loved. After years of feeling unloved—and finally gathering the courage to walk away from a situation that made you feel less than the woman you really are—you finally saw for yourself that you are surrounded by so much love. Your family and friends became your net when you dared to jump, and you saw that the Universe never, ever let you down. You also saw what happens when you become more loving to yourself; Love becomes you, and it opens you up to some of Life’s fullest, most energy-giving, most exhilarating experiences ever. Never, ever lose that love for yourself and others; it’s what makes you, you, and it’s what will make life even more beautiful and amazing for you. 🙂

You saw, too, what happens when you dare to open yourself up and let new people into your life; the Universe rewards your courage and strength by showing you facets of love and life that you hadn’t yet experienced—and that you didn’t realize were possible for you. While some of these  beautiful moments proved to be fleeting and flew by fairly quickly in 2015, know that it’s not the end—it is, in fact, only the beginning. There will be more of that in your life; you were just shown a preview of what’s possible because, now, there’s space. Now, there is room to grow and expand because there’s so much less noise and junk around you.

Honor that space by becoming your best self yet. Speaking of space, understand that this phase in your life is not meant to be rushed—no matter how impatient and frustrated we know you’re getting. Remember all these magazines and books and galleries and living spaces that you love so much? What do they all have in common? Clean, white space. Room to breathe. Room to let the eyes just wander and relax, and for the words and the objects in them to just be. THIS is what’s going on in your life right now. You’re being given space to just be, and you should honor that space and use it well by coming more and more into yourself and by just fully becoming and being your best self yet.

And you know what? Being your best self yet doesn’t always mean working out harder, doing and achieving more, or cramming even more activities into your already-rich and full life. Sometimes, it means just basking in the joy of Life itself, and knowing that you—and everything in your life right now—are enough. Repeat after me: You are enough. As you are, right here and right now. You are and have everything that you could possibly need right now; you and everything in your life are exactly where you’re meant to be right now. So sit, pause, focus on your breath, and live life a little more consciously and mindfully instead of hurrying to the next big goal.

 This is the necessary space in between words and paragraphs, the necessary line break, the necessary pause. Don’t be afraid of it, and savor it for as much and for as long as you can. (It won’t last long, trust me, and you’ll be grateful you took some time off when you could.)

And when the time comes that you are finally called to leap and take even more risks, jump as high as you can and fly! You already know what it’s like to risk; you already know the rewards of leaving your comfort zone behind and leaping into the unknown. You already have all the courage that you need to take the necessary steps and jumps; you just need to know when to jump, and toward which direction.

For this, again, you will need to be more mindful; you will need to listen; you will need to heed your intuition; and you will need to stop fear or your ego from getting in the way. Not every invitation to jump will be worth it; not everything is worth the risk. Discern well, and at the right moment, leap with your eyes fully open. The Universe will introduce you to even more sights and experiences than you ever thought were possible for you.

Never stop dreaming. You are who you are because, very early on in your life, you dared to honor the dreamer in you and live a life of active dreaming and doing. Never lose that—never lose your inner child and your inner Alice, who sees life as a Wonderland and who is absolutely, insatiably curious about everything. (Not everyone will appreciate it, but, hey, it’s your life, not theirs.) Never lose your sense of exploration and adventure, because it is what will lead you to your best, most authentic, and most fulfilling moments yet. Even when you think it’s impossible, go keep reaching for it because, no matter what happens, just the act of reaching and stretching alone will still expand your realm of possibility.

You were able to climb a mountain (albeit a small one, but it’s a start!) in 2015 and overcome many of your fears and your own self-doubts. Take that experience with you wherever you go; remember that there will be more mountains and obstacles ahead, but that you will overcome them because you can. You have the strength, the tenacity, the perseverance, and the faith to keep on going. Always, always keep the faith—no matter what life throws your way.

 Remember one of your favorite quotes when you were growing up? “The strongest steel passes through the hottest furnace.” You are world-class steel because you’ve survived the hottest furnaces in life; now use what you have to build the strongest foundations for your best life ever, and make it a life that is truly inspiring and meaningful—not just for yourself, but for others, too.

You’ve always wanted you and your life to stand for something; NOW IS YOUR TIME to start building all that, but remember that everything worth building will always take a lot of time and its equal share of sacrifice and hard, painful work. Just keep going and never, ever give up because all this will be worth it in the end. It already is.

 I love you, and the Universe does, too.




4 Comments Add yours

  1. kriztalladen says:

    We are loved. We have the capacity to fully love ourselves despite whatever. We have the ability to fulfill all our dreams in God’s perfect time. Yes yes yes!! Wuhoo!! Thank you for this inspiring post, Ms. Nina! A beautiful new year ahead of us!! 🙂

    1. ninaterol says:

      Thank you so much for reading and for leaving a comment, Kriz! Yes! A beautiful new year to us! 🙂

  2. Great post. We all need to love ourselves a little bit more.

    Coincidentally I said that to somebody a while back. You are loved. That hit me a bit because I said that to somebody I cared about. What I meant to say was “I love you”. Two statements that mean the same but are vastly different.

    Anyway, enough with the dramatics. Cheers! This year will be a great one! 😊

    1. ninaterol says:

      Thank you 🙂

      On “You are loved” and “I love you.” Hmmm, interesting story 🙂 I actually wrote that because I heard those words said to me–unexpectedly and without expectation. It made me realize that love is a gift we give ourselves and others, and it feels amazing when you know you are loved without the other person expecting anything back. Of course, it helped, too, that I felt the same way. And even if some kinds of love won’t lead to the kinds of relationships that we imagine or hope for, it’s just great when we know we are loved, and when that love is expressed unselfishly.

      Cheers back! Here’s to more love in 2016–and, hopefully, the kind that works out. Haha 😛

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