This song I absolutely must share


For the first time ever, I attended two church services in one day today (at Victory Fort Bonifacio at noon and Church Simplified in the afternoon), inspired by this ongoing faith journey and accompanied by someone very, very important to me.

I’m still reflecting on and processing everything I’d heard and felt over those two services, but in the meantime, I just need to share this song and lyrics with you all. I was deeply moved and was in tears for most of the song, and I hope it will inspire you and fill you with love and courage, for your own journey ahead.

* * *

No longer ashamed, no longer afraid
You have washed me white as snow
No longer bound, now I am crowned
Once in darkness now I know
You save
You save
And You give me beauty for ashes
And You pull me close to Your heart
You have turned my mourning to dancing
That’s what You do, that’s who You are
Brand new eyes, brand new hands
You have wiped away my past
Brand new day, brand new life
You have pulled me from the lies
I’m no longer what I used to be
I am stronger because You live in me
The old is gone, the new has come
I’m alive

(Lane Oliver)
©2015 Roaring Anthem Publishing (BMI). All Rights Reserved.

(Source: Mid-Cities Worship)

* * *

May God bless you all and help you discover your own “beauty for ashes”

Header photo credit: Beth Skinner on Flickr Creative Commons


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