Dear 2017 Me,

If 2015 was your year of breaking into life again, 2016 was your year of purposefully driving on high gear. As you begin what promises to be an EPIC 2017, here I am, again, gently asking you to pause, reflect, and be ready for what’s to come.


Let the Light In: A Christmas Reflection

*Warning: This is a blog post about God—and some of you may not be comfortable with the idea of me blogging about anything remotely religious or spiritual—so I won’t expect you to agree with me, or much less read through the whole piece. But if you end up doing so, thank you. 🙂

Table for One

BOHOL, PHILIPPINES – As I write this, I’m sipping native (Filipino) hot chocolate while listening to the crashing of waves in Panglao Island in Bohol, a popular tourist province in the Philippines. I was here to attend a tech conference called Geeks on a Beach then decided to extend my stay and take some time…

Date a Man for Breakfast

Date a man for breakfast, and get to know him without the veil of alcohol, without a layer of booze-induced bravado, and without the fear that all he’s after is what’s under the breakfast table.

Dear 2016 Me,

We capped off an amazing 2015—what we call our “best adult year ever, so far”—filled with love, joy, confidence, clarity (at least a little bit more), and hope. We know that the year that had passed is really just a preview of what’s to come; we know that the best years of our life are…