Where Joy has led me

In answering the question, I asked myself not just what I ‘wanted’ (which actually means what is missing or not yet there in my life), and neither just what brought me ‘happiness’ or ‘contentment’ (which, to me, are still too abstract), but what made my heart skip, my cells dance, and my soul laugh out loud with JOY.

This song I absolutely must share

For the first time ever, I attended two church services in one day today. I’m still reflecting on and processing everything I’d heard and felt over those two services, but in the meantime, I just need to share this song and lyrics with you all, in case it helps inspire some of you for your own journey ahead.

Fifty-Two Marbles & Faith Goals

At the end of today’s church service*, each family was given a little wine goblet that contains 52 marbles. These marbles represent the 52 weeks of the year, and you’re supposed to take one marble each week and pause and reflect on what the week has brought you.