Why “Little Rich Girl”?

Little Rich GirlI was born two months early, just after midnight, when my mom least expected it.

At 3.12 lbs and just “as  big as a rat” (according to my Uncle Bob), I wasn’t really expected to live.

Then—as the story goes—I was lying in the hospital incubator, with my head turned away from the visiting guests, when my grandfather saw me turn my head toward them… and smile.

“She will live,” my grandfather, Lolo Jess, declared.

I was thus named Niña Rica (Marie), with “Niña Rica” meaning “little rich girl” in Spanish. Growing up, I’d ask my mom or my grandpa why they named me such, and the answer would be:

“Because you are rich and full of life.”

It is a name that I hope to live up to, for as long as I am here on this earth. 🙂

* * *

In writing this blog, I am celebrating life and its many twists and turns, and this whole amazing, bewildering (sometimes confusing), but always awe-inspiring process of figuring it all out.

At Sonya’s Garden, Tagaytay City, Philippines (January 2015)

I’m also writing this as an act of gratitude for everything that has made my life richer—even if the blessings were not always apparent, or even when they came clothed in heartache and misery.

When I see my life now, I see a mosaic that is bright and colorful, but also chipped and cracked in a lot of places. But it’s those chips and cracks that make the whole piece more authentic and distinct—it’s those imperfections that make my life a completely original work of art, and not a copy of someone else’s life and dreams.

And despite these difficulties and imperfections, the challenge I’ve come to embrace is this: how to discover and hear my inner voice amid the cacophony that envelops everyday life; how to LIVE the truths that I uncover, in alignment with God and Spirit; how to journey toward my best life ever, filled with faith, hope, courage, joy, and love; and always, always, how to be grateful for everything that I encounter along the way.

The tattoo on my back is a Spanish quote that says, “Lo que mas me importa… es vivir (What matters most to me is to live),” attritbuted to Spanish poet and activist, Federico Garcia Lorca


This blog is also a chronicle of my “journey of authenticity and abundance.” It is an active sharing and conversation with you, my dear friends and readers—not because I have the answers, but precisely because I’m still very much in the midst of this journey and dealing with the tension that comes with it, every single day. But I also believe that a journey becomes even more meaningful when it is shared, so this is my way of inviting you along and conversing with you as we traverse through life.

“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.” A quote from Albert Einstein, displayed in one of my favorite secret spots (and former work base) in the metro.

So this is me—the “little rich girl” who is making the most of this amazing journey, sometimes turning her life into one big social experiment, and sucking the marrow out of life each chance she gets. Do travel along with me and share your own thoughts and insights, and let’s make this an ongoing conversation that’s always worth having. 🙂


~ Niña Terol (@ninaterol on Twitter and Instagram)

(Updated on 25 December 2016)