The Power of Cut and Paste

“Did you ever wake up one day, shocked to realize that you no longer recognized who you were or the life you were living?

“That was me in 2013.”

The journey to dreaming, daring, and doing is never easy. In this August 2017 issue of Good Housekeeping, I dared to look back and tell the painful story of where it all began… and what I’ve learned from that journey. Am forever grateful to Good Housekeeping Philippines for giving me the space to share this. 🙂

When God Answers

I had already come to accept that the answers were out of my hands, that God’s timing wasn’t my own. I knew that if I just surrendered, let go, and trusted fully in God’s plan for me, that everything would be revealed, clearly, and at the right time. All in His time…

Where Joy has led me

In answering the question, I asked myself not just what I ‘wanted’ (which actually means what is missing or not yet there in my life), and neither just what brought me ‘happiness’ or ‘contentment’ (which, to me, are still too abstract), but what made my heart skip, my cells dance, and my soul laugh out loud with JOY.